List Express (LEX)

List Express (LEX)

Discover List Express (LEX) – The #1 List Rental Services Platform for List Managers and Database Compilers

Gain 24/7 Online Access to all files or databases housed with Data Services, Inc. and bring the entire List Rental Fulfillment process, from selections, to counts, to order shipments and tracking, under your direct control with List Express (LEX).


  • 24/7 Data Access – Anytime online access via LEX to all managed datasets housed with DSI’s secure cloud.
  • Instant Counts – Run counts based on the most complex selects and ship list rental orders via any connected device without having to involve a service bureau.
  • Web Pickup – While email, FTP and other shipping options are available, for large files and/or clients unable to use FTP software, LEX’s Web Pickup option, allowing for download via secure URL, makes it easier than ever for your clients to receive their data purchase.
  • Enhanced List Rental – Broaden your selection capabilities by appending missing B2B or B2C data elements onto your managed file. Learn more about DSI’s Data Append options.
  • Private Label Options – Our Platform, Your Branding – Allow your clients to access your data within a customized LEX interface complete with your branding and color scheme.
  • Site Licenses – Provide your enterprise-level clients with access to your database(s) in their own “closed” LEX environment and gain all the benefits of a data install without any of the baggage. Learn More About LEX Site Licenses.
  • Advanced Reporting – Track orders and usage by list, source or LEX user. Easily view and download list owner royalty reporting for compiled databases.
  • LEX Flexibility – List Express is an extremely nimble platform that accommodates segmentation informed by a wide array of transactional and other types of elements beyond basic contact data.
  • No Software to Download – LEX is a cloud-based platform accessible from any connected device with no software or application download necessary.
Our clients know Data Services, Inc. to be an industry innovator. Through constant improvement, List Express (LEX) is simply the best list rental services tool in the industry, which is why it’s the choice platform of premier list management organizations across the globe.

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