U.S. Data Marketers

Data – Your Most Valuable Asset. We Help Your Data Work Smarter for You.

Data Services, Inc. proudly supplies a unique blend of marketing technology as well as database building/maintenance and contact data quality services to Data-Driven Marketers utilizing US B2B & B2C data and metrics.

    • Data Management Platforms – DSI’s flagship products for data-driven marketers looking to gain access to their database assets. MarketView (or its sister platform DonorView built for our nonprofit fundraising clients) provides easy-to-use tools for segmentation, campaign management, business intelligence, reporting, analytics, lead scoring and more…
  • Address Hygiene – Correct, verify, and update your postal addresses with NCOA mover information.
  • Merge/Purge – Eliminate duplicate addresses from your database, suppress customer names from a “new” acquisition file, or limit the number of mail pieces delivered to a single business or household address.
  • Email Services – From Data to Distribution, we have the services to support, sustain and enhance your worldwide email marketing database and programs.

With over 50 years in the industry, Data Services, Inc. has experience working with data-driven marketers from a wide array of industrial verticals. Our services will enhance the value of your data and help mold its contents to meet your unique needs and those of your list rental prospects.

Contact DSI or Call +1 410-546-2206 to find out how quickly we can start making your data work smarter for you.