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Tracing Internet sales back to the original source provides visibility into what combinations of strategies and tactics drive results. The outcome is an in-depth understanding of how each attribute changes the propensity of a consumer to take a desired action, so more informed and impactful optimization decisions can be made.

Match Back Processing


Has an outbound marketing promotion driven your customers to make an online purchase or are they true web buyers? Tracing Internet sales back to the original source can be a challenge for marketers.

On average, over 50% of web purchases cannot be traced back to their original source making it difficult to evaluate mailed segments. Lists or segments that look like they may not be working may actually be profitable and those where responses have made a downturn may in fact have increased web sales. Knowing the full picture for all mailed segments will help you make good decisions when it comes to your marketing plan.

Match Backs can identify which customers are responding to a postal mailing or other offers and/or sources. Differentiating between Internet buyers and Internet buyers that are a result of a direct mailing is essential for marketing campaign development. As different marketing approaches may be taken for direct mail buyers versus buyers from other sources, knowing the true source of yours sales is critical.

What We Need from You
To perform the Match Back process, Data Services requires that the following information be provided:

  • A listing of all mailed Source Keys with their corresponding “In-home” dates
  • Mail File(s) from the relevant time period – if the mailing was not processed at Data Services, each mail file should include the recipient’s Source Key, Customer Number (optional), full name, company, and postal address.
  • Response File(s) from the relevant time period – each response file should include the responder’s Source Key (if known), Customer Number (optional), Order Number (optional), response date, full name, company, and postal address. Although not mandatory, we also recommend that the Order Sales Amount (in U.S. dollars) be included in each responder record to take full advantage of the Match Back reporting process. To obtain a comprehensive Match Back report that includes all responses for each Source Key, it is necessary to supply a record for every response, including those with known Source Keys.

The Match Back Process
Using the Customer Number (if provided) and proprietary name and address de-duplication logic, Response files are matched to Mail Files to assign the best Source Key where the source is unknown. If the same responder appears on more than one mail file, the response will be allocated to the mailed Source Key timed closest to the Order Response Date.

You may want to consider your mailing schedule and how often you need to incorporate the Match Back results into your marketing strategy and/or customer database to determine the frequency that you should perform the Match Back process. In addition to the US, Match Back processing can be performed on Canadian and International files.

Match Back Reports and Output Files
The Match Back Marketing Attribution Services process will provide you with a detailed analysis that includes total quantities and percentages by Source Key for already Known Sources, Unknown Sources, and Matched Sources. If the Order Sales Amount is provided, Total Dollars, Average Dollars per Order, Dollars per Book, and Dollars /M Mailed are also supplied back to you for each Source Key.

What’s more, a copy of your response file(s), which includes the assigned Match Back Source Key, will be returned to you. Retrofitting the Match Back Source Keys into your customer database will allow you to benefit going forward by identifying Internet customers that are actually responders to a direct mail piece.

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