List Rental Fulfillment

List Rental Fulfillment Platform & Services

Data Services Inc. has been fulfilling list rental orders for more than 20 years. Whether you prefer to run list counts and fulfill rental orders yourself through our LEX (List Express) web application or have one of our experienced list rental fulfillment representatives perform this service for you, it’s your choice. We guarantee quality and timeliness with either option.

List Express (LEX) – List Rental Services Platform
Gain 24/7 Online Access to all files or databases housed with Data Services and brings the entire List Rental Fulfillment process, from selections, to counts, to order shipments, under your direct control. LEX is a robust cloud-based platform designed for both novice and more experienced list professionals who require quick response for list counts and order fulfillment.

List Types
Our proprietary list rental fulfillment system is equipped for consumer as well as business lists, email lists, and can accommodate either Relational or Non-Relational (flat) list or database architectures. All postal address elements housed within the system adhere to U.S., Canadian, and International standards.

List Setup & Updating
Recognizing that each list is unique is an essential component of the list setup and update process. Regardless of the list size, attributes, or complexity, Data Services will work with you ensure that no detail is overlooked.

All lists are converted, standardized, coded, and passed through various postal address hygiene procedures and merge/purge to make certain that you are offering only the highest quality of records to your clients. And, if required, custom processes can also be created to manage the distinctive characteristics of your list or database.

A strict schedule of quality control measures is always followed throughout processing. Upon completion of the list setup or update process a comprehensive field counts report will be forwarded to you for your approval before the list is made available for use.

Order Tracking and Decoys
Orders are tracked to allow for omission at a later date and decoy names may be added to any output file. Shipping reports detailing the exact date and time for each shipped order are provided according to your needs. Customized shipping reports can even be designed and scheduled by you through our LEX online count and order system.

If you are interested in learning more about our list rental services or improving the quality of your list rental file please contact us at +1 (410) 546-2206 or Schedule a LEX Demo Today!