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International Address Hygiene Services

Utilize DSI International Address Hygiene Solutions to Ensure Data Quality within Global Postal Contact Data from 240 Countries & Territories.

Whether you’re maintaining an international contact database or undertaking an international direct mail acquisition campaign, ensuring accuracy within the postal address component of your international contact database or mailing list is of paramount importance.

Data Services, Inc. International Address Hygiene solutions cover 240 countries & territories within a single processing flow, covering:

International Address Standardization – Ensure all address fields are in their proper position consistent with the proper country-specific postal address formatting structure to ensure deliverability.

International Address Correction – Once the address is properly standardized, address elements will be checked for accuracy and corrected where possible. DSI will also attempt to add missing address elements where possible.

International Address Verification – Utilizing an extensive set of international postal databases where available, verification of address records is accomplished in order to establish a deliverability index score for each record. This will vary from Delivery Point Verification (DPV) to City & Post Code level verification depending on the postal data available from country to country.

Multi-Byte Address Standardization & Hygiene – DSI’s international address hygiene solution also extends to handle multi-byte, native language character-set address data for both Japan & China. Learn More about DSI’s Japan-Complete & China-Complete Multi-Byte Address Data Processing Services.

Ensure Global Data Quality

Data Services, Inc. has decades of experience in working with the unique nuances of international postal data, and our international address hygiene services can be customized to handle the specific challenges unique to each client.

Because DSI presents a global contact data hygiene solution under a single processing flow, the solution is extremely cost-effective when compared to using other providers, or separate local service providers, offering limited country coverage and separate costs and minimum fees for each market.

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