Global Merge/Purge & Suppression

DSI Merge/Purge Services: Superior Matching from the Enterprise Database Management to the Campaign-Level

Merge/Purge for Enterprise Master Data Management (MDM)

The expanding tech stack has increased the need for technology that connects data silos and creates Golden Contact Records – A single record-of-record for each individual about which your organization holds data populated with omnichannel data elements aggregated from those sources and silos, and housed within a master data warehouse.

Whether you’re matching on contact data, such as a postal or email address, a persistent Unique ID, or other element(s), DSI merge/purge services have the scalable algorithms to meet your needs.

Within this enterprise master data management (MDM) use-case, DSI Address Hygiene Services are also utilized to standardize, correct and validate contact data to optimize matching performance and implement a complete data quality-by-design solution for initial database setup as well as ongoing automated updates to the master database.

Campaign-Level Merge/Purge – Direct Mail & Beyond

Outbound campaigns often go well beyond mailing first-party data to include multiple externally sourced data as well as additional suppression files thrown in the mix (e.g., when a customer list is suppressed from an acquisition campaign).

Regardless of whether you’re activating audience data for direct mail, programmatic digital advertising, or other outbound campaigns, DSI has the configurable merge/purge solution to identify, flag and/or suppress duplicate records from your campaign data segment(s).

Why waste money marketing to duplicates, people who don’t want your communications or aren’t good prospects for your products and services? Utilizing Data Services’ merge/purge and suppression services helps eliminate duplicates, eliminate unwanted, unproductive, and even undeliverable records and, in the case of direct mail, reduces your related print, postage, and production costs.

Additional Campaign-Level Merge/Purge Options

Data Services offers consumer level (individual or household) and business level merge/purge processing for U.S., Canadian, and International files. Our proprietary international merge purge algorithms provide high quality duplicate identification based on country specific address structures.

The merge/purge programs used by DSI are complex algorithmic systems, not match-code systems. Merge/purge program parameters can be adjusted to best suit your requirements within domestic or international data hygiene initiatives.

For those utilizing National Change of Address (NCOA) Services, DSI always runs Merge/Purge after the application of CASS & NCOA processes, given the NCOA update is prone to produce additional duplicate records.


Various suppression files are available for the US, Canada, and International markets:

  • US Suppression Files:
    1. U.S. DMA Pander Suppression
    2. U.S. Prison File Suppression
    3. Email Suppression files
  • Canadian Suppress Files:
    1. Canadian CMA Pander Suppression
    2. Canadian CMA Telephone Suppression
    3. Canadian Prison File Suppression
  • International Suppression Files:
    1. Mail Preference Suppression (MPS)
    2. Telephone Suppression (TPS)
    3. UK Royal Mail NCOA Suppression

These files may be used along with your campaign address hygiene and US or international merge purge processing or as a stand-alone service.

Identify, remove or suppress duplicate contact address records in advance of a marketing campaign or facilitate the creation of a single customer view when compiling a multi-sourced database with DSI’s US & international merge purge – duplicate elimination – services.

Learn more about creating a Single Customer View within DSI’s Cloud Data Warehousing Services

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