Cloud Data Warehouse

What is a Cloud Data Warehouse?

A cloud data warehouse provides a method to aggregate data from external organizational data sources, systems and silos in order to facilitate a more complete view of omnichannel data. A cloud-based system comes with many benefits, including removing much of your IT infrastructure burden when compared to an on-premise solution, and is the cornerstone of your marketing middleware strategy.

DSI provides cloud data warehousing solutions that intake, normalize and aggregate contact data and associated metrics into a master database(s) in order to vastly improve the data management outcomes for our clients.

While our primary use-case is to work with contact data and related elements within a marketing context, we regularly apply our solution to create a 360° database view to fill any number of business-cases.

DSI Contact Data Management & Cloud Data Warehousing Under One Roof

The key difference between Data Services, Inc. and other providers is our ability to configure our technology to meet the nuances your data – not the other way around.

This is accomplished because the DSI solution-set includes but is not limited to data warehousing software…

We leverage decades of contact data management expertise – including US and international data standardization/normalization, contact data hygiene, etc. – to create a combined, and more complete, cloud data warehousing and database management solution to meet the specific needs required by your data-driven business-case.

Connecting Data Silos & Creating a Single Record of Record

While other providers will sell you software and leave you to work with third-party integrators or non-malleable ‘data-connectors’, adding time and cost to your implementation, DSI will undertake a thorough data discovery process to inform the creation of custom source data integration conversion processes.

These processes will normalize omnichannel source data to your custom master database layout. We adhere to YOUR field-naming conventions and map to YOUR desired database layout, not the other way around.

Customer and prospect data can now be combined with data and metrics previously siloed within a CRM, ESP, Marketing Automation, eCommerce or other proprietary/internal/external system, to create the elusive Single Customer View.

Your setup process will include the facilitation of regular automated database update processes and protocols to ensure the contents of the data warehouse are regularly updated to specification.

No API? No Problem…

A true omnichannel index of data sources will inevitably include data from offline sources or data housed in systems lacking an API to connect with.

While other providers may limit your master database by only facilitating inclusion of data accessible via API connectors, DSI will set up custom conversion routines attached to secure email or FTP drop upload protocols to include these sources within ongoing updates to your master database.

Enabling the creation of an omnichannel marketing data warehouse with a more complete set of Golden Customer Records.

Your Key Implementation Outcomes

  1. Creation of a Single Record of Record: ‘Known’ data is unified into a duplicate-free ‘master database’ containing a single unique record for each individual with attached cross-organizational intelligence metrics.
  2. Attainment of a 360° Customer View: The holy grail for data-driven marketers, a complete, informed view of each customer and/or prospect that facilitates more personalized, customer-centric marketing communications and improved reliability of analytical reporting. 

Attain these outcomes and vastly improve your ability to carry out data-driven activation. Whether you’re onboarding into programmatic AdTech, building personas for Account Based Marketing (ABM), or simply constructing smarter segments, you’ll be doing so with added confidence. Not to mention the benefits brought to everything from research, analysis, attribution and other activities.

Accessing Your Cloud Data Warehouse

Gain online access to your data warehouse within DSI’s industry-specific cloud database management platforms.

We have the platform solution to meet the segmentation, analysis, reporting, export/activation and other needs of your business. All DSI’s NoSQL platforms are built to facilitate data democratization by including only point-and-click, drag-and-drop functionality – No programming required…

  • MarketView – A great fit for the data-driven marketing use-case, the MarketView Cloud Database Marketing Platform provides online access to all databases housed with DSI, and includes tools for segmentation, campaign creation & management, omnichannel lead scoring, customized data analytics & reporting, and more. View full MarketView platform info
  • DonorView – Perfect for the data-driven Non-Profit Marketer and Fundraiser, the DonorView Cloud Nonprofit Database Platform includes vertical specific campaign management, segmentation, scoring, analytics as well as custom Blue Book, LTV and other reports. View full DonorView platform info

  • ListExpress (LEX) – For Data Compilers & List Managers, LEX is the most complete List Rental Services & Fulfillment Platform on the market. Going well beyond competitive count systems, LEX makes simple the most complex, multi-segment query and includes advanced usage-reporting, match/upload functionality, private-label & site license options facilitating data accessibility for your clients, and more. View full ListExpress (LEX) platform info
  • Mainspring – An add-on to the LEX platform, Mainspring turns your website into an eCommerce data sales platform via a fully customizable, customer-facing interface, allowing you to create a new revenue stream from online lead and data buyers. Mainspring connects via API to your account management and CC payment processing modules, leaving 100% of user account and transaction processing under your control. View full Mainspring platform info

Gaining access to your cloud data warehouse via a DSI platform provides all the functionality of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) with none of the data conformity required by the majority of those systems.

DSI can also take your formatting specifications in order to purpose and push data into the non-DSI platform of your designation.

Satisfy Both Sides of the Build vs. Buy Debate

The push for a proprietary build comes for many reasons, including limitations of available systems to handle nuances of data and the understanding that asking for customization from many vendors is akin to a fool’s errand.

DSI functionality is ‘off-the-shelf’ while still being configurable enough to wrap around any client dataset and we regularly undertake customized build-outs/add-ons as part of standard client onboarding.

From font-end platform to back end cloud data warehouse, DSI creates alignment between the BUILD proponents, seeking flexibility and customization (we even offer private label platform options), and BUY advocates, seeking to avoid the internal IT burden, build/maintenance/improvement costs, and lengthy turnaround (we measure the majority of our implementations in days/weeks rather than months/years).

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